Our guarantee

Most SEO companies, and even Google themselves will say “beware of a company that guarantees they can get you on the front page of the search engines…” and we actually agree with that!

Our guarantee is different, we know it is a risk for you, and honestly, no SEO company can know with 100% conviction that all the efforts that they extend towards your company and your website will result in page one listings.

All we are saying is this, if we don't get one or more of your keywords on that front page, we will continue working for you for free, either until we do get you there, or for 6 additional months – whichever comes first. Doesn't that sound like a solid and fair guarantee? If we succeed, then you succeed and if we don’t, then you’ll receive a year of SEO (which will always yield results, often for many months and years to follow) for 50% of the normal, already low, cost.

Now that’s the best, honest, guarantee in the industry!

We guarantee first page placement on a major search engine for one or more of your relevant keywords within the first six month of service or you will receive free SEO until one of your keywords is ranked on the first page (up to six months free).