But most small and local business owners are not internet experts (and certainly don’t have the time to devote to becoming one) and they don’t have the budget (or the need) to hire a full-time specialist.

And, perhaps just as importantly, if you are going to hire a company to do your internet marketing for you, then you don’t want to have to learn all the internet mumbo jumbo. As well, you certainly don’t want to pay for services that you really don’t need - services that line the pockets of the internet company - that doesn’t get you what you really want and need –

Traffic Professionals does NOT sell every internet service under the sun – YOU DON’T NEED IT! You need to be at the top (1st and 2nd page) of local searches for key terms related to your business – period!

Then you need the proper tools and reports to assess the effectiveness of the ongoing campaign.

But most importantly you need more business coming in the door because of these efforts. If you are already working with another company and, aside from all their ongoing internet double-talk, that is not occurring, then fire them.

Don’t let other internet companies scare you into services that don’t really affect your bottom line.

Let us show you what you really need, what you DON’T need, and why working with Traffic Professionals will get you all the Business (effortlessly on your part) from the internet that you deserve to be getting.



Define the exact key terms your customers use to find your products or services on the internet.

Evaluate where your website presently shows up when entering those key terms.

Pinpoint exactly what your competitors are doing which enables them to show up higher in the search engine rankings for those key terms.

Prepare an all-encompassing internet strategy to engage and edge out your competition for those key terms.



Your account executive and Traffic Professionals will create and implement a step by step plan to out-market your competitors and bring your website to the top of the search engines for the most profitable key terms.



We work for you so we have to be accountable for our efforts!

Traffic Professionals will provide monthly reports showing the progress made towards the goal of your business obtaining front page search engine domination for your key terms. Everything will be on the table; you will know where we have succeeded and if and where we are coming up short.

We continually monitor ourselves and modify your marketing plan as the internet changes and as your industry and competitive environment changes. Search Engine Optimization is a forever changing landscape and you need a business partner who is dedicated to staying one step ahead of everyone else. For local search engine domination you need a partner who understands EXACTLY what you want and need. Well, that partner is us – we are the Traffic Professionals after all!

We guarantee first page placement on a major search engine for one or more of your relevant keywords within the first six month of service or you will receive free SEO until one of your keywords is ranked on the first page (up to six months free).